Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



She is sweet, demure and adorable
Her kindness makes her respectable 
She is full of charm and beautiful
Her every movement is graceful

The sparkles in her eyes are enticing
Like enchanting stars twinkling
A glance at her makes heart pounding
Smiles so sweet and captivating

She looks like a beautiful flower
Glowing radiantly with colours
Her body fills with sweet essence
A beauty beyond description

Beauty not only in appearance
Beauty of the heart with compassion
Gentle in her soothing voice
Her presence brings much joy

Care she gives, passion she shows
Could warm your heart in the cold
She is sunshine and moonlight
An angel who turns darkness into light.



Prosperity need not be in wealth
You are in prosperity when you receive good health 
Living in luxurious gain
But poor health gives much pain

Having a sound knowledge in everything
Is prosperity of your well-being
Nation’s development in progression
Bring joy and happiness to all citizens

Offer to the world peace and serenity
Illuminates suffering, this is prosperity
Understand that money isn’t everything
Compassion is prosperity to all

Let prosperity of love glows in your heart
Humility and humanity never depart
Paint the world with prosperity
Let all humankind live in harmony.



The charm of nature is rapturous
Greenfield and greenery splendorous 
Blossoms blooming to glorify
An epitome of beauty to the eyes

The rapturous sunrise captivating
Crimson rays of light Illuminating
Momentous moment to capture
Enthralling scene with immense rapture

Butterflies fluttering delightfully
Floating in pleasure of the wind gracefully
Rhythm of song echoes sweetly
Displaying rapturous melody

Cherish life in peaceful pleasure
Spend time with loved ones in leisure
Heart fills with joy is blissful
A divine touch of love is beautiful.

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