Dr. Sharon Ansay Villaverde ( Philippine)

Dr. Sharon Ansay Villaverde

Dr. Sharon Ansay Villaverde is a poet, educator (Master Teacher I), module and curriculum writer, researcher, lecturer, Campus Journalism/Filipino trainer, researcher, facilitator, blogger and photographer.

She is currently an associate professor, program head in SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES MA- Filipino  at University of Nueva Caceres, Naga, City.  She was also a former part-time faculty at Philippine Normal University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

She was the First recipient of  GAWAD PATNUGOT, Outstanding Researcher in Region IV-A CALABARZON (Runner-up), GAWAD KASUGUFIL, Outstanding Teacher in the Region,  GAWAD PATROCINIO VILLASAN VILLAFUERTE (Gawad PVV) 2015, an award for the Outstanding Teacher in Filipino, finalists in the Division Search for 2014 Excellent LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR TEACHERS (GAWAD TEODORA ALONZO REALONDA RIZAL GABAY MAG-AARAL AWARDEE) and nominated in KWF ULIRANG GURO , National Search for Outstanding Teacher, 2014.

She was awarded as an Inspirational Poet during the PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP CELEBRATION AND HISTORICAL FORUM held at National Museum of the Philippines on November 15, 2013 and Haligi ng Pahina, Pentasi B Friendship Poetry Contest, Antipolo, Rizal, April 10, 2010.

She published nine  books as Author of Worktext in  Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Tech-Voc), Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Akademik) Batay sa K to 12, Baitang 11 at 12,  Senior High School, Jimczyville Publication 2015,  Bahaghari 7, Bahaghari 8, Pisara Publication, 2015,  Modyul sa Filipino Baitang 7 at 8,  Jimczyville Publication  2015,  Co-author,  Muog Antas 7, Muog Antas 8, Batay sa K to 12 , Pundasyon ng Karunungan sa Filipino, Pisara Publication, Puting kahoy, Silang, Cavite 2013, Curriculum Writer (Teaching Guide, Curriculum Guide), Panitikang Filipino Baitang 8, Modyul para sa Mag-aaral, Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, (DepEd Central Office), Curriculum Writer in Open High School for Grade 8 Filipino, Technical Writer in Vocabulary in Filipino sponsor by PAFI and UNICEF, Writer, Roots to Yield, Building Academic Vocabulary in Basic Education.

She will be  the Logistics Coordinator for Festival Mundial Poesia 2015. Her poems In Silence, Ice Fortress and I Am Malala Yusefsai were published in an International anthology Women of the World edited by Brian Wrixon published by Brian Wrixon books, Ontario, Canada 2015. A Contributor in Songsoptokk Online Blog Poetry (Nocturnal Elusive Dream, Life is a Dance and Ice Fortress) Vol. 2 June 2015, (Blood Moon’s Phenomenon, Man of color and In Silence ) Issue no 02, June 2015,  Pocket Poetry (Blood Moon Phenomenon and Writing is like..),  Aquill Relle Poetry Anthology 2015 p. 2 (Ice Fortress), VOL14 THE ART OF BEING HUMAN, INTERNATIONAL POETRY ANTHOLOGY, March 25, 2015 ( Nocturnal’s Elusive Dream), Anthology: Magnitude The Awakening of Nepal (Magnitude, Haiku’s of Hope for Nepal)   and  The Art of Being Human Vol. 15, Who Am I Poetry Anthology 2015.


If I Could Only Live…
If I could only live for a minute…
I will tell you how much I love you
Show you and hug you
Even for a minute, I will stop the time
If I could only live for an hour…
I will give you flowers
Write a note of passion
Even for an hour, I will freeze the moment
If I could only live for a day…
I will cook your favourite menu
Tell you stories and jokes
Even for a day, you will remember me forever
If I could only live for a month…
I will cuddle you everyday to bed
Tell you how lucky I am having you with me
Even for a month, our memory will last till eternity
If I could only live for a moment
I want to share it with you
Sharing the things we love to do
If and only if I could live…
(Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde – April 18, 2014)
Copyright (c) 2014 by Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde, All Rights Reserved.
Memoirs of Szhayne, A Collection of Poetry and Photography
Publisher: 100 Love Poems Anthology 2015
Heroes of Persian Fairy tale
Phenomena of pleasant things
Not sought or look for but good finds
Hard to understand nor explain
Known through senses than intuition
Spatio-temporal noumenon
An exceptional rendezvous
Astonished in just saying hello
Marvel in just a glance
A shake hand nor a kiss on the cheek
Like a magician’s spell
Admiration and splendour to behold
At your brightness and luster
A wonder to sublime
We are like the sun and the moon
Too bright to tame but compliments one another
As you radiate sheen light
Borrowed luminosity at sight
Effulgence brightness
Bedazzled in a moment’s daze
We were so right for each other
So close to hold one another
We were meant to be
In a moment of serendipity
(Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde – April 18, 2014/Philippines)
Copyright (c) 2014 by Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde, All Rights Reserved.
Memoirs of Szhayne, A Collection of Poetry and Photograpy
Publisher: 100 Love Poems Anthology 2015
Life Is A Dance
Life is a dance
In the game of chance
Moving backwards or forward
Bends or hinds in a solid ground
Passion is life
As long as your heart desires
The fondness and affection
Vigour and ardour of emotion
Taking control
Moving in a trance
Rhythm and style as the music played
Own the stage, trip the light fantastic
Life is a dance
Making a journey in the limelight of chance
Get up, rise stand or fall
Life is a game of circumstances
We all played chances in one’s arm
©Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde/Philippines
Publisher: 100 Love Poems Anthology 2015
In More Ways than One
In more ways than one…
We were connected at more levels than we realized
We agreed to disagree
Communicating our shortcomings and needs
Understand unconditionally
In more ways than one…
We met not by chance but by fate
We accepted and became friends at an instance
Letting go and fully accepting each other
We were so right and didn’t let go
In more ways than one…
We were available physically and emotionally
Had dinner, walked home, asked about thoughts of life
We feel protected and cherished
A soul mate must recognized and fulfilled
In more ways than one…
We dreamt in sync
Similar interests, ambitions and goals
We existed together in harmony
We were soul mates ideologically
In more ways than one…
We both changed emotionally for the better
A new understanding, a new experience
A new solution with each encounter
We both changed our lives together
In more ways than one…
We increased awareness
Constantly forced one to confront self
Gave each other self-confidence
We had the power to make the magic happened
(Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde – April 2, 2014/Philippines)
Copyright (c) 2014 by Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde, All Rights Reserved.
Publisher: 100 Love Poems Anthology 2015

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