A lifetime is not Enough to Love Yo / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


A lifetime is not Enough to Love You

Love don’t come easily
surely not in the facile happenchance
of an ungrateful accident
symmetrically finger picked
yet so immaculately conceived are the legends of a child inside….

A moonwalker beholds closely
a beauty sinking in the blurred embrace of a stellar wind

In the heartland of a landscape
spills like ink
a secret so sacred
of the art of the moon
her magian eyes fall flat on the canvas
of a miscarried conception….

In the lotus land child-finder elephants walking upon extinct nostalgia
of yet another springtime
cradling sleeping children on their tusks
sweet clover passes empyrean messages in their silent swaying whispering

Love is incensed in
the wick of life in the wasteland
of a heart
a tandra of abandoned eyes
the wreckage of exiled lips
in the body of a rose
smoke signaling to elephants
on the islands in the winds…..

A lifetime is not enough to love you
redolent storms of your elysian breaths catapult my dusty dimensions
far beyond the milieu of physics
defining “I and You”

To reach innocence,
a nescience
of an incessant orgasm
I am descending upon your depths
with every drop of a monsoon sky
mantling you all around
in a cocoon of lights and colors…….

All rights reserved
Copyright © Santiago 2018


2 thoughts on “A lifetime is not Enough to Love Yo / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Mesmerising always with words
    Carrying towards unknown meadows
    Your inducements are lovely
    Love always to be enticed in your words!

  2. Dear Santiago Ali…..

    Well, how to acknowledge this breathtaking piece except to recognize how you have delighted heaven once again by mesmerizing hearts on earth with your ability to turn a phrase so cleverly that…at least for the moment…a reader can be immersed in a space where they may experience a suspension of time …a marvelous sensation of disorientation as we are propelled to some other place…urged to go beyond thinking and submit to the beauty of feeling alone….where sights are mysterious and fragrance a calming perfume….

    You have the uncanny ability to capture the nebulous and make it stark and deep …in your hands ink takes a vaporous idea and transforms it into a bright and sparkling thing …that only a few who know you …..understand….

    Santiago….how adroitly you bring us into your world where kindly elephants rescue lost children…what process of the imagination led you to that concept….difficult to articulate I would suggest….a heavenly fragrance penetrating stale air making of fog a magical incense for the holy table which is laden with the choicest bounty for the hungry….new wine for those who thirst…..every line a crystallization desire….

    There is nothing uninitiated in you….you carry the weight of words inside you…words that resist being caged…..

    You are a bird whose wings are made of feathers and ash …you have arisen from ancient smoldering fires whose embers light up the night sky betraying the dark…..the way our hearts are set aflame and dance with delight to your sweet song that plays on and on catching every drop from a “monsoon sky” where rain washes clean detritus and fear ….whatever is collected as remains of the day…….

    Magnificent …masterful and majestic is this piece ….a lifetime to read this will never be enough …….

    Linda B. Scanlan

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