MEN NOW DANCE / Poem by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

Poem by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu



Bonfire of the vanities
A slight onto God
Regardless of its rich flowing regalia
Coated with dubious paraphernalia
Beneath lies a grim reminder of an age forever lost
Humans!!! Devious, treacherous ungrateful servants
Always wanting more
God laughs at their vulnerability
But turns briskly away…
Heartbroken beyond doubt
Regret never slips in from back door
Like an unfaithful broken lover
The almighty is never draconian
Ready for compromise
He goes in search and gathers stray sheep
Still we languish in worldly perversion
Drinking greedily from leprous fingers of dummy idols
Sanity has been shamelessly cast upon infested felines
Men now dance to the whims and caprice of Gods opposite
Dragging along with them the scum of the earth.


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