Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by  Lilian Woo



The power of thoughts set your mind
Journey through the right path of life
Your most powerful weapons
Thoughts, words and action

Determine your destiny
Positive thoughts energise victory
Let the rainbow of blessings raise
Paint your life and let it shine.



In the silence of the night
Admiring the gleaming moonlight 
Miles and miles apart
Your image dwells in my heart
Yearning for your presence
Moon slowly vanished in silence
Hidden by the hovering clouds
Having you my love, I feel proud.



Healthy body, healthy mind
Sports keep your spirit high
Keep fit with regular exercise
Rejuvenate body system right

Participate in any kind of sports
Even going to the park for a jog
Could improve your health immensely
Change your quality lifestyle entirely

Social interaction is seen in sports
Inspire to mingle and compete in the court
Healthy sports are crucial for mental development
Enhance positive character for achievement

Everyone is encouraged to participate in sports regularly
An opportunity to communicate with friends skillfully
Understand the importance of team spirit and discipline
All games need co-operation, playing fair and clean

Sport experiences build positive self- esteem
Reduce stress and increase psychological well-being
Sports create friendship, bring people together
Regardless of nationality, religion, culture, or skin colour.

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