Dr. Saumyajit Acharya

Dr. Saumyajit Acharya
A scholar student of Ramakrishna Mission, Saumyajit has proved his prowess in diverse bounds of literature and creative writing besides his successful professional carrier in academics. Being Post Graduate in two subjects he obtained a PHD degree through research on “Human resource Management in Higher Education”. He had been engaged in the role of Professor in renowned institutions like Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Galsi Rabindra Nazrul College of Education and Shyamsundar College and Bikhashayan, Special B.Ed. College. His art work in Bengali “Bindu Chhara Bisorgo” has been published as e-book from Bangladesh. Apart from poetry he is equally conversant in writing short stories, plays and articles. The art of translation is also his field of expertise. He has been accoladed with numerous prestigious awards like Sahityangan Award, Ardhendu Kumar Memorable Award, Notun Alo Award & Kobitapakkhik – 500 Sammanana. He has seven books of poetry in his credits till now. His literary works get frequently published in leading magazines and newspaper across Indian and Bangladesh. Some chapters have also been penned by Saumyajit as integral part of books pertaining to research works. This talented young writer has been awarded in 2015 at Argentina Film Festival for one of his short film scripts. Films based on his scripts were screened in other prestigious Film Festivals like International Open Film Festival (2016) and Model & Movie Film Festival (2016). Apart from that the short film “Moy Bhumi” written by him was the semi-finalist in the IOFF and accomplished official screening in FINA 2015, KSFF 2016, MNMISFF 2016, IBIFF 2017, AMC Theatres 2017.
Some grief was leaving my room today.
I told them, please wait
Is it the real time to depart?
In depth of night,today the ‘sleep’ is
Fully awake in all homes.
Only the children are sleeping near their mother’s lap
The star has come landed on the streets
residing in the dog’s eyes!
Whose door I can knock so late?
Whom can I wake up and request to open the door?
Rather, can we better sleep on the dormitory bed
In the embrace of each other.
One grief slept on his shoulder
Another rode on the other’s shoulder,
A deep agony went into the chest
And dragged out the calligraphy of my ribs.
Though out the night some memorable grief
And all over the room of few agony,
Decorated my dane with their vandalism.
I can see a mountain with a blue peak.
Is it peak or melted sky?
A lover,
Who is always ready to kiss her beloved’s breast.
Who is his lover? You ?
I could’t see you…
I can see a pond with green water.
Is it pond or your naval?
A tempting night,
which is waiting for an icy tongue.
Where is that snake? Tongue?
I couldn’t see that…
Because I am blind.
I can only feel love.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Saumyajit Acharya

  1. It’s too clear to understand . Such soft-spoken verse can never be narrated through mouth but feel through heart . That’s all …

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