Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan



Feelings….they come and go like clouds,
Wrapping you in their shrouds,
Don’t hide them from crowds,
Let the tears rain to breach the bounds.

When memories chase you like hounds,
And your head reels round and round,
Let your sighs make their sound,
This will heal the soul’s wound.

When you feel the gloom around,
Just let your love surround,
In to the ocean of mirth, you will get drowned,
Never a grey day could be found.

It is simple pleasures that astound,
Live with fervent zeal, so profound,
The grace and peace are everywhere abound,
The miseries will fade away without sound.



What if life comes in second edition!!
Even if it is granted with terms and conditions,
For making some additions and deletions,
To make it an interesting rendition.

Many unfulfilled expectations,
Many dreams undergone demolitions,
Many unexplored fields to acquire erudition,
Many miles to go before life’s fruition

Would second edition be better, I have suspicion.
What if I made it a mess by commissions and omissions?
Would it not go as a wasted mission?
Would not the second edition be just repetition?

Would I be able to make some value additions?
Or just satisfied with making monetary acquisitions?
Even miracles that come have date of expiration,
Suffering bumps, would I see self transformation?

Life gives in its only edition chances fructify ambitions,
Make most of it by spirited efforts with gumption,
The first edition has chapters to add, it is my submission,
I don’t regret that life comes in limited edition.



His innocence has gone with the wind,
The winds of change has been so unkind,
Oh!! what has decomposed his juvenile mind!!
Values his parents taught were left behind.

How did a dove turned in to a vulture?
Is he a victim of noxious culture?
Reeling under society’s shaking structure,
That he dared to indulge in lustful misadventure.

When did the innocent heart begin to rot?
Why did he take part in a venomous plot?
His once innocent soul has got a big blot,
When lust spilled her virgin blood and it did clot.

Who is responsible for the juvenile delinquency?
His demented mind and its sacrificed decency,
Is it a reflection of the feelings of insecurity?
Or lack of parental care to the point of inadequacy?

Should he be hanged or granted clemency,
Towards juveniles, what should be the policy?
Unending debate on this and its fallacy,
How can the victim of his lust face her destiny?

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