Poems by Haraeen Mazher Hussain

Poems by Haraeen Mazher Hussain


Land of Pharoahs

O majestic land of Pharoahs,
My heart overjoyed to pay a tribute to your glory
You, the mother of history
From your sacred bosom you born
The invincibles, the fearless warriors, who marched across their territories to conquer the world
The historians, who mortalized the entities
Time has drawn the figures, Moses the prophet, the custodians of pyramids, Sphinx the strange creatures
Unsung heroes, rebel aliens and wingless sparrows
Those royal camps, rectangular shaped, insidious Pharoahs reigning death
Temples of great prides sing the songs of immortality
The images of eternity imprinted on the walls of time
And stories of ancient lives are treasure stored in the caves of mystery
Three sides by a row of shields
Still surmon the royal entrances of Rameses
The sounds of carried away chariots and the art of blacksmith
Your songs shall remain evergreen
In the hymns of Mariette, in Ozymamdias and Egyptian Iliad
In the lanes of Cairo, sighs and sobs are buried
Yet, fate cats the spells of magic to show the certainties of change
The infant’s smile spreads the bounties of love
Our souls reside in the abode of ancient paradise
Every image narrates its own tale, the tales which are written in the stars
O holy land, your divine songs enchant souls, and will be sung forever.

Haraeen Mazher Hussain


Genuine Joy Is The Fruit Of Love

Love bequests the pure nectar of holy bliss in genuine souls
The joy of virtuous acts fills the hollow organs with the syrups of contentment
Thousands of flowers bloom in the core when beloved smiles 
And lovers drink from her eyes the wine that galvanize their souls
They long for that rosy wreath from beloved as a token of love
Treasure each moment and honour each gaze of beloved
Pictures of beloved inscribed on the walls of heart and fibres of their being woven in love
Lovers drink the nectar of ecstasy from the divine fountain
When they kneel to beloved’s temple to perceive deep gratification
They dwell in euphoria and dream the seven heavens
Like a child’s bliss when he catches a falling star and follows the tales of fairies
Lovers knock the doors of saints for the divine influence
Beloved lean forth to hear the call and bless them with the nectar of compassion
These faithfulness and certainties of love purify the souls with pleasures.

Haraeen Mazher Hussain



O lover,
I live in thy breath
The musk of your divine breath
Is enough to enlighten the inner core
I’m a life in your life
Let me exist in the sacredness of your immortal heart
And join you in the realm of light
There eternity leads souls
To a noble throne of intimacy, dignity and grace.

Haraeen Mazher Hussain

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