Dr. Ram Krishna Singh published the book: ”You Can’t Scent Me And Other Selected Poems

Recent Release ~
You Can’t Scent Me And Other Selected Poems
Authored By: Dr. Ram Krishna Singh
Publisher: Authorspress India

“Dr Singh manages to tell his experience, bitter or sweet, mostly bitter, in minimum possible words. He would eliminate all the non-essentials from his composition. He would chiefly exploit, like Hemingway, the vigour of verb in his poems, and avoid the pomp and vanity of adjective altogether. This way of writing makes his poems far different from the poems we often come across in Indian English poetry magazines.

In contrast to many poets who paddle poor prose cut into lines of poetry, Dr Singh’s poems are sober, mature, and disciplined. Though written in free verse they are yet compact. Neither the words nor emotions go astray. No cliché exists there. Only the power of plain words on display.

Dr. Ram Krishna Singh

In essence his poetry is not for the soft-headed. It will scare the puritans and taunt the purists because the poet lifts the so-called unclean words of the street and gives them a new dignity. In the history of Indian English poetry, I guess, it has been attempted for the first time on such a scale. No doubt it has its dangers. But in the borderless world of today many buffers are at hand. And to the one who has chosen the uncommon path in style and language it acts as the air of spring that drives him to the house of his mate, every day, every hour.

I hope the new generation of readers, though lost in the hell of cyber world, will find time to go through the book and celebrate with the poet the freedom of spirit.”

 I.K. Sharma, Poet 


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