CREATING POETS INFERNO / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo



When I arrived from the far end
she was waiting for me with open arms
anyhow, lustful as the sunrise
she ran and threw herself into my arms
and kissed me passionately as none before
I thought I was dreaming about her hips
her quivering breasts and hot lips
and all that lustfulness and gracefulness
that flowed from every pore of her body
but she was here in this dream
of nude feelings and she was all mine
we flew into the sky and hovered over Mahalla
patronized and hid in our hearts
that beat in the same rhythm
sin me she whispered excitedly
she’s mine, she’s mine, mine …
I feared for him secretly
and hoped that he does not get a heart attack
or a stroke from that force
and joy can sometimes be malignant, murderous
if you don’t know how to rejoice
I woke up shivering
and seeing her there where she stood
in all her freedom, resoluteness and lustfulness
many days she came in my dreams
I waited for her every night at the same time
on the blunt edges of our dreams
she did not appear
I was told that she feared reality
since then, my dreams are haunting me
I wanted to hide myself in a poem like this
but someone pushed me into the hell
that I’ve created from unfulfilled wishes
as poetic joy in which he is loved
he has its inexhaustible muse, always new ones
that he is happy with and because of this he suffers
when she does not appear in his dreams, or in his poems
because of that he becomes delirious
writing his best poem of all poems
a poem that was his only salvation
and his eternal inferno

Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “HOW TO TOUCH ETERNITY DOWN THE MAHALA” 2016


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