Lonely as a cloud / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny


Lonely as a cloud

Lonely as a cloud
Climbing the mountain
Of faraway days of past
A lavender scent.a nightingale song
And memories cascading
As a streamy fountain…

Lonely… lead by passion trail
Wounded by rocks of time flow
Climbing to reach the highest summit
Laid in the arms of of a moon glow
Inviting the aching soul
To seek for the bliss of the divine infinit..

A summery night
In heart river of nostalgia
To other nights
Blanketed with joy and euphoria
A flow of unsaid words
And quivering touches of faraway hands
A timeless love..no beginning no end…

Lonely as a cloud
Climbing toward eternity
Trough past. .present.. and timeless nights
Living each second ..a life with love fulfilled with joy..pain..under the divine rain….

By Hana Shishiny


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