Poems by Ayub Khawar

Poems by Ayub Khawar


Against Child abuse

Who are those ill-fated and cursed ones
Who squash the buds, petal by petal
In the wilderness of soil, of the suffocated crops.
In the sobbing silence amid the blind walls of the abandoned houses,
Before it blossoms like a flowers.
Who are those rock faced people
Who crumbles by their lust
The childhood innocence and throws their inculpable heirs
in the darkness of grief
Deeper than the suffering of hell
Who are those stone hearted human like?
Who are they?
O my Lord!
Who knows better than you?
Who is greater than you?
That witness
Who has been watching our daughters massacres
Here… in this world
This world,
Where, in the law courts
Despite of watching CCTV evidences
The judges anticipate for the eyewitnesses.

Have their hearts gone black like ink?
Where are you Lord?
Shall you not set your tribunal
Before the occurrence of doomsday?
Will your courthouse only set on the day of judgement?
Is there any bigger day of judgement than this, that is streched to thousands of days?
Where such little flowers are crushed dreadfully
Will there be any bigger day?



In a square cottage in the middle
Of a snow covered terrain
I sit wrapped in a worn-out blanket of the night
And there,at one corner
Is placed a tray made of burnt clay
On it, flickers an appalling lamp.
The shrill of the sand laden wind
Gush through the slits of the door
At another corner, pegged deep, dark silence
That sheathed the flickering glow
From the daring eyes of the wind.
But, still I do not know
What sunk down in the snow
Was it me or the dying flame of the lamp.

All Rights Reserved
Ayub Khawar


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