Lilies of the Valley by Lily Swarn / Foreword by Ashok Bhargava

Lilies of the Valley by Lily Swarn
With Lily Swarn’s latest collection of fifty essays titled, “Lilies of the Valley” time stands absolutely still for me. I am completely captivated by this collection of diverse forays into unexpected arenas of human curiosity.
These essays are not just essay, they are perfumed, untainted, refreshing and rejuvenating source of original thinking. They are modern yet draped in traditional Indian thinking on wide-ranging topics.
Lily Swarn
Anyone, any age of any socio-cultural background can learn from these essays as one read through Barren Life (page 55), head up through Trees (page 14), the Sabbath Day, (page 69) down the Blissful Life (page 76). There is a spark in every essay, even if a tiny spark, once it gets going, interest in keep going on grows.
It’s amazing what you can learn from this book. I think it’s Lily Swarn’s insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring miscellaneous themes that makes this book a delight to read to deepen our understanding of numerous intriguing topics.
Foreword by Ashok Bhargava

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