POETRY – Milica Yeftimijević Lilić / Translated by Lazar Macura

Poem by Milica Yeftimijević Lilić
Being born out of body and mind, I am a duality
Defined by heavenly and bodily existence.
Sometimes I celebrate the Creator, the soul of everything,
Sometimes I am only a body,
My earthly being burns brightly.
Sometimes helpless I curse base intents of the world,
Sometimes I whine sadly
For the lost home, man, and mind.
But I am always open to the rapture of the heart
Fleeing to me.
I am a shelter for unappeased minds,
Always pliable for the exploring hand.
And I will be what I am at any cost.
I am the very life condensed in the uttered,
The very soul that has cast off the fetters of the body,
The very passion that has risen up above the body.
I am the Truth of the world (about world) undenied,
For ages I’ve been breathing through the newborn,
I disregard those who are deaf to my warnings,
Even if they are sages, sorcerers,
I despise merchants no matter how deftly
They celebrate my premature childen.
I am coquettish and I do not seduce in vain.
I will not ingratiate myself with conceived entourage,
The loving eyes are enough.
And I will survive without tricks
Of morose commentators.
More advanced is my Knowledge,
I will not carry favor to be heard
By people trained for Recognitions
After the fashion of clans.
No, I am not a green lass
Who must go ahead,
And I will not sit on the lap
Of respected Professors,
Academicians, to set in motion
Their consumed Eros
With my young blood.
I renounce snivelling on my strong breast.
I have been created for the collision with hurricanes
Which I will outsmart with my Constancy,
I am the healthiest daughter of mind and body.
I cannot be stopped by anyone
Although the Universe has conspired to silence me,
But I am its cosncience, and sooner or later I will say everything!
Translated by Lazar Macura

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