How come ? / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo


How come ?

When you live with whom you don’t love
And leave alone the one with whom you should live

When you share moments with whom you are cold
And dream to share them with whom you are hot

When you feel obliged to return to his/her walls each night
While your soul mocks and breaches all your contracts

When you have shackles preventing you from any change (back and forth)
Yet feel reborn each day you meet the one for whom you are born

When your mind strives to frustrate all your sweet dreams
Yet you defy realities and keep dreaming asleep and awake

When you feel a helpless prisoner of the golden cage
Yet your winged heart breaks daily your rib cage

When you admit your wrong choice but maintain it for others’ sake
While your sincere lover is patient waiting for you to wake…


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