Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
Innocent heart
When you kiss the salty droplets of my tears
And try to find out the oceanic depth of my pain and fears
I scare a lot,what I ve hidden for many years
That had Given me a strength to fight against all evils,
An asset ,locked in my heart
Sometimes spilled from the muscular walls of eyes
Crossed all the rules and borders
And only listen the language of love
And wants more sympathy
How nonpractical!!!
How stupid!!!!
How crazy and innocent this heart is!!!!
Varsha Saran@copyright
My ink and paper
Paper was blank , soundless
And totally strange
Until I inked my thoughts
and feelings on it
Mute piece of paper, now
Communicate with people
My readers feel happy as well as sad
When they feel their stories in it
When my ink bleeds
People scream a lot
When my ink prays about God
They feel divinely peace and charm
When ink revolts against hollow double standards and all sorts of Discriminations
People show their feelings by reviews and various kind of gestures
That’s the power of inking
That has a strength to change this globe
And turned an introvert blank paper into an extrovert speaking thing
Or give it a new life
With its raising voice to uplift this society, in the form some
Alphabets, full stops and puntuations!!
Varsha Saran@copyright

One thought on “Poems by Varsha Saran

  1. Every eye sheds tears,
    Every heart pumps pains,
    To the eyes to do so,
    But very few know how
    to organise the pen and paper,
    in scribbling all the pains,
    and tears on a white paper,
    make it readable and feel
    that pain in excess and
    shed more tears than
    those actually felt by her.
    She is Varsha and she
    knows how to rain her
    tears and touch our hearts.

    -alur sudhakar

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