Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar
moments betides along bay of awesome kiss of ocean.
Into lattice of blue joy percolates to coalesce bournie of love,
for heart to cradle on lap of ecstasy! to gravitate
blue grapses joy awestricken to solace.
Color prisms to unleash spring of Autumn to see beyond
as flouncing image dances in mirror of meteor
as light of eyes arrays to allay maze of soul.
Crave fluxes to form arc of endearment
lone silence flakes up from skin of contention
for portrait to hang on wall of waltz wrapped in honeycomb
as an portrait of love drawn on epitaph of universe on to posterity
.for curve of gloss to carve on silky shaow of reminiscence!
for serene moments to read in pages of history unobtrusive!
@@dr subhendu kar.
Not yet dipped into reverie of silhouette to utter blue of full moon.
nether twilght nor rhe boat at shore to grasp gloss of britest of white.
casurina laments at gasping ebb of wind yet frozen into snow of Cambrian age
warmth seems to banish into oblivion of remote ancient age
like black stone yet sharp and shining.
stars are nowhere to heal up wounds of solitude
for return of rapture onto pride of possession
Sands lay in bed to suffer bitting snow of pine of last winter.
hopes of tomorrow counts hours of reverie on other side of tapestry blue
yet bloomed in green valley of
nnocence tendered in ebullient serene sky.
silence knocks door of fallen waste land to wake up
for sun to bid farewell of lost memoirs.
as intiimacy of last night is no more jingls to blaze glory of green house.
and mirror sleeps to deluge dakness
for shadow to slumber in cradle of lullaby to adore tranquil transcendence of love
by rustling songs of wave to nurture assonance of spring.
as I look through widow of pain
tear Sparks to wade through lone corridor of hatred like a nomadic into another landscape
as weary birds flutter in nest by dreads of fear like squeaking of storm from deep forest of wilderness beneath thundering rain to inundate.
@@dr subhendu kar.

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