Dr Rakhi Roy Halder, the Associate Professor at Loreto College is a visionary poet. Most of her prolific poems of this book ‘’ #THE_WHEEL_OF_CREATION ’’ have a metaphysical blend of verses with logical science.

This collection of poems expounds the great philosophy concerning life .Life is metamorphosed into different dimensions and manifestations .Her poems in its myriad ways and means express the cyclic roller coaster of nothingness couched in the high voltage thesis and antithesis of life .

By: Swapna BEHERA

THE WHEEL OF CREATION is a rare combo of Science with Poetry .

I find some interesting names of the poems i.e. Myself, Buried Under Sphagnum Moss ,Labyrinth of Mathematics ,The Play of Reversing The Force, Large Stick of Religion , Hermits ‘I’ ,to cite a few….They are simple and lucid yet having the vibrant incarnation of colours of rainbows .

Dr Rakhi Roy Halder has strong conviction and a vast perimeter of vision to capture the premier concepts from the horizon . All colours of life have been garnished and decorated as a bouquet. Her poems vividly state the noble things that are needed for reinvigoration ..

What amazed me most is her simple words and simple diction to express the complex themes .She moves around and enjoys her momentum like a small kid enjoys floating a paper boat in the rainy season. It is not a matter of joke to handle the complex themes . Her poems give a frantic search on to locate the formidable truth in spite of all the travails. The soul is in fervent search of cherished principles of life such as love, truth justice and equality .I feel some poems are the inner ideological debates and syntax of hymns in darkness.
Language itself is a value and the team of nine translators have put forth their endeavour to sustain the values of the original poems of Dr Rakhi Roy Halder .Dr Rakhi Roy Halder had taken utmost care to touch the most sensitive yet the most powerful sentiments of human psychology .She has made a balance sheet of the spirituality ,religion ,the logic ,the shadow of illusions ,the wheel of creation ,the battle within ,forms of the captivity power, beyond of thoughts and the divine touch by the realm of waves. Each verse reflects the fresh fragrance of The Omnipotent ,Omniscient and Omnipresent SuperBeing like jasmines .

Sometimes the climax of the poems just give a divine feeling as if any morning RIYAAZ of Indian Classical Raga is going on …. …

The poems eloquently and elegantly walk on the ramp of the human consciousness giving a feeling of blissful nature where dexterity is blended with aesthetic sensibility.

This collection of poems are so unique because they blend existentialism into dotism , the paramount consonance with the humble self expression, the Theory of Karma with moral values ,heart with mind and moreover conviction with connotation.

Good going Dr Rakhi ji ,your unflinching and unwavering verses take the readers into the deep realms of truth and your innocent verses just sing a prayer of all times to come …….and why not ?

‘ you are not a drop in the ocean but you are the entire ocean in the drop ‘’ Rumi

Long live your creativity….. you are the golden embryo ,the eternal pearl in the shell of creation……


Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder

(Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder, Associate Professor at Loreto College, Kolkata, India has been working in the field of art and literature since 2009 with a vision to contribute to the cause of establishing peace and harmony in the world.
One such effort is the book of poems in Hindi ‘Srishti Chakra’ which is translated as #The_Wheel_Of_Creation She wrote this book with an aim to unite spiritual and scientific consciousness to reveal the magical power of quantum energy flowing through the entire universe, which plays a significant role in the life of living beings. She strongly believes that, in future science will play a significant role to inspire people to embrace peace.)



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