Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara



What an appalling, an alarming situation!
Poverty is affecting families , communities and nations
Children are starving, have nothing to eat
Too weak to stand on their feet
Destitute , leading a miserable existence
Are now in desperate need of humanitarian assistance
These young flourishing flowers
Like trees are stripped of their leaves
By a storm, losing their powers
Knowing they are doomed to die
Their plight makes a stone-hearted person cry
You are God’s successor on Earth
Do not be futile and of no worth
Arise ! wake up from your long sleep
World leaders and we should look after them
Be sickened by what is happening and weep
It is time to be responsible and share
To show your great interest and care
To give a helping hand to those suffering
Heal their wounds, their pain and struggling
Be their candle of light
In this assignment , take a great delight
Be a song that rejoices every heart
Spread love around you ! do your part
Let your generosity flow like a river

Donate whatever you can , be a tireless giver
For these victims let your heart bleed
Seeking their welfare is a noble deed
Arise ! listen to the cries of the old
Shelter those standing in the bitter cold

August 26th , 2018
Copy right Hassen Gara



Akin to a sunflower growing very tall
Young people , get up, you are not doomed to fall
Akin to a sunbeam sending out light 
Gladden our hearts with joy and delight
Akin to a heavy fall of rain
That cleanses our soul
Wash away our wretchedness and pain
You constitute the largest segment of the population
You are the pillar and backbone of any nation
Crucial pool of talents, ideas and imagination
Let there be no doubt about your strength, your aspiration
You are the trustees of property
You can take over any great responsibility
Now is the time to play a critical role
To address challenges, strive to reach your goal
Young , get up! Stand on your feet!
Fight any battle with no danger of defeat
Rise above all revolting, horrendous things
Endeavor for your nation-building
Use your talents to serve your motherland
Rebuff the assumption that you are too young to understand
Speak and stand for the truth wherever you are
Take part in political life, have a share
Work for your nation with love and commitment
Play a vital role in its development
Young of today , the promise of tomorrow
Let your future be void of any sorrow
Akin to a brilliant gem, glitter and coruscate
Youth get up, voice your ideas and alter your fate.

July 18th , 2018
Copy right Hassen Gara

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