Poem by Sabrina Young 

Poem by Sabrina Young 



My ears burn as the words drip from your lips ,
envy disguised as caring advice and simple life tips.

demons undealt churn the fire deep in your pit , contaminating innocence with every word that you spit .

I’ve lived my life according to the plan , treating all as equal , seeing myself to be better than no man

We are human , sin is the agenda daily , but the blinders only allow you to see your own , vaguely

come down from the clouds you are only human just like the rest, deal with the guilt that will be the ultimate test

pitch the baggage aside and never judge others behavior, your feet are to small and will never fill the shoes of the ultimate savior

something inside feels familiar from the insanity , painful stains, throwing blood at the faces of humanity

As I bleed thoughtfully and voice my point of view , i realize your philosophy will forever be a haunt to you

Sabrina Young ©

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