Poems by Vjollca Ajasllari – Koni / Translated by Dr. Maria Miraglia

Poems by Vjollca  Ajasllari – Koni
Bring sin as a burden to the heart,
you who kill and steal smiles,
burns an old wound more
when it is masked with the veil of silence …
Like a fairy, I will come to you one day
or like the Cinderella in the fairy tale.
I will leave my smile like a relic,
to remember if you miss me.
Without speaking, I would like to understand me with you
Looking into your eyes
and look at me you too,
drops of tears turned into a necklace,
tell more than one novel …
In four seasons
You are my nostalgia,
how many times have I said it?
In four seasons your absence hurts,
on moonlit nights,
the void becomes cry.
The soul speaks with tears,
not with empty words ….
Tell me…
How to create the verse
When the heart hurts,
how to find the expression
without calling you by name.
I’m totally lost,
a tear goes down …
How to heal the wound
In this burning fire.
I accompany the autumn
nostalgic about you,
the wait tires me
when I do not see you …
Traslated by Dr. Maria Miraglia

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