Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


Immensely beautiful

Immensely beautiful,
Like a flower of spring,
Ready to dance in the rain,
Immeasurable beauty,

She dances, o, she dances,
Like the wind kisses the leaves,
Sparkling hearts, full of ecstasy,
Tremendous love into her eyes,

Immensely beautiful,
Nature’s essence, fueling her heart,
A vision to love, a desire to embrace,
A golden heart, angelic loving flesh,

She dances, oh, lustrous moon,
Wrapping her heart with radiant fragrance,
Good-humored, unmistakable,
Inner beauty glows, an ocean of love.



Trapping in the vestibule,
Unfathomable goddesses, weeping tears,
The missile steps, disagreeable, ill-natured,
Disorderly winds, mind bubbling,

Deadly rain, heartbeat, crying pavement,
Vitality in stormy waves, iceberg in rough sea,
Pernicious wind, unfavorable gazed, lips trembling,

In the pockets of doom, dreadful steps,
Pathways of consciousness, growing darker,
In the hands of heartlessness,

O, cosmos, beauteous, darling, where’s,
The moon glitters in the dry land,
The hearty smile and laughter,

Hearts racing, breathless, aiming to dance,
Open the gate of luminous rays, peaceful moon,
Wearing a blanket of laughter to embrace.


Floating leaf

Floating leaf
Lily’s sweetness
Romance in the air
Purest breath
Wind’s kindness
Celebration in
Snowy night
Hidden tears
Sparkling faces
Swallow melancholy
Display, smile and laughter
Under the magic blue.

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