Poems by Nutan Sarawagi

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi


In my vision of my father

I saw a vision of my father crying in his soul , wrestling in his own body to be once again in our fold !
but God doesn’t listen to him
in him , let him off his hold !
fighting with him
telling him to once again to do as he is told !
why did he have to take him with him
we always did as he was told !
why did he take him away from us
waiting as he turned cold !
now he wants to come back to us
but God won’t let him I am told
waking him up from his body is needless I am told !
but I don’t believe anybody because he was once mine
he will come back to me once he is out of his body , out of God’s hold !
to me.. in me to hold !
never to go again leaving me untold !
he loves me , I know he has learnt his lesson in me…
he is coming back to me to be with me now
never telling me , to be never told
to listen to me
to always love me
to be forever in his fold !
to never again turn cold !


I am the Taj

if only I could hold it
forever as mine
a wish
I can only dream of
never mine …..
simply divine ….

I could live here forever
….and ever to fly away in it
in an unmatched beauty thrilling you no end till you become one with it

a part of it’s story as it builds in you
a story of true love unmatched by time
…and history

In a time which stood still
in its splendrous beauty as you stand still
holding you in a spell
until you want to live
in that time ..
a reflection of time
unheld held with in it

As you hold your breath
To breathe in its love
It draws you in
Taking you back in time to that time
blessed in its love

As the sun sets
It takes on an ethereal glow
In you with it ..melting
you glow
In the flames of colours
to know

I am the Taj
in my beauty
you flow.



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