Poems by Aarti Mittal

Poems by Aarti Mittal


On this Valentine Day

A day of expressing love
The unconditional love
Towards the one you love more than you
They are the true valentines
Valentines of their country
They truly smile ,
For their country
Die for their country
They spared their lives
For their real beloved
Their own motherland
Their’s is the love so sacred and pure
Today on this valentine
They bid good bye
In love of their beloved motherland
The true love.


you are my light

Your words light my path
You Make me walk
I Walk on these paths
of heavenly beauty
Beauty with so much of innocence
As if my River overflew
River of love
Love so passionate
Passionate love in his eyes
Eyes that smiles
Smiles that sting
Make me sing unheard melodies
Melodies that whisper
Your love in my ears

I am here
There in your heart
Feel me
In you
In your fragrance
In your gestures
In every breath of yours
I am here in you
To love you
Only you
My love, take me to you.

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