Step from heaven #2 / Poem by Sher Ali Khan

Poem by Sher Ali Khan


Step from heaven #2

Beyond a lost horizon
I’m a step from heaven
High, high up 
In a mountain cave
If I peer out
I see the clouds
That floated me in
I fell off this mountain once
With the truth as a parachute
Had a bad landing
No one would listen
Shred and burnt the truth
Stoned me with ridicule
That raucous din
Madly shouting slogans
Same old falsehoods
Crassus and Lepidus
Buy your burning house cheap
Caesars and Pharoahs
Driving slaves
Devouring with greed
The substance of the helpless
Solon and company
Equality for equals
Scraps for the rest
A whole lot of me and i
And us and them
No one knew their own brother
Braying like asses
Blowing horns of ignorance
In their own cocoons
All on borrowed time
About to explode
Like water balloons
Up here I scream and shout
For the truth will out
Bellowed over the clouds
Seeding a cleansing rain
Over fancy, false parades
Though arrogance deadens conscience
And swallows the crumbs of pity
The truth will out
And hit like a brick
For if you don’t realize it
With even your dying breath
Or thoughts glimmers
Of joy or regret
Then you have lived in vain
A selfish singularity
With no height, depth or breadth
It’s clean up here
So i’ll scream and shout
Let my wings sprout
Maybe catch a cloud
While Santana’s Moonflower
Plays me out
Beyond the lost horizon of truth
A step from heaven.


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