Eva Kacanja MA (Albania)

Eva Kacanja MA (Albania)
Eva Kacanja was born on October 7th, 1971 in the city of Kruja, Albania. Her poetries are introduced in
several magazines and anthologies and have caught the attention of literary critics. She has published the
following volumes of poetry: “The statue of the soul”, 1995 “At the bottom of your heart”, 2004 “Scent of
soil”, 2011 Eva’s fourth volume of poetry is in the process of publishing. She lives in Durres, Albania with two children.
when the mind in air rises like silk in the breeze
when the night opens its eyes to thousands of flashes
when the body flows like river in its banks
when in kisses you undress my concerns and doubts
when like a child you groan and the lack heal
when in my ear you whisper
“You are my balm!”
Like the Earth’s vein my brain turns on…………
Like a wild bird returns
hides thrugh the silent night the sleepless moon
Lost angel you do not know wounds…
I will be the wound of your soul…!
On the body is filled autumn like a cup full of oil,
Like leaves I curl on her veins,
Red like an apple,
Yellow like gold,
Melt like the earth,
Open like the sky…
Crazy variegated coming from the depths
from the fire that lights up lips and soul
You blessed light by God shed
in the sunlight burn and take my eyes…!
Man nostalgy
I wasn’t stuck inthe pain of my love
Half moon on the sky,
It hurts and hurts.
In the beauty of your love tonight I felt nostalgic
Manly this nostalgy
which can even erode a mountain….!

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