Poems by: Sidra Sahar Imran / Translated by: Muhammad Azram

Poems by: Sidra Sahar Imran
When sunbeams used to blaze my feet
You fetched twilight in your eyes
And spread it unto reach of my pathways
Do you remember?
How long on the roads
We elongated each other rumination
Long Before our Departure
Birds composed many stories of us
Now when fading evenings grow on sky
And I visualize those clouds
Those, which reviled our afternoons
Blazing heat choked us for hours in her darkness
We blazed ourselves bear footed with trees
With out consciousness of;
That our feet will get vanished by melting
Look- how our love turned us
Like poems engraved in June and July
And! After bearing long night
Sun will not disappear anywhere
Escaped from my inner-self
We haven’t tasted sunlight
To what that light resembles
What these birds are?
We pen trees as lamps,
Oxygen as death,
And leaves are our tears
We are not aware
Why the color of heaven
Is blue like your emotions
We are not acquainted with flight of steps
We sleep enfolding our eyes with walls
We ascertain coffins
Of our flowers in funeral yards,
And distinguish rains with eyes
On the nights when they are short of salt
On lifeless Woods
We decorate our day
Look! Our dreams grew dry
Now, for us
Build houses without windows
Those, who were killed by wars,
Are not going to take
Mathematics exams
Ask Me
The mistaken meanings
Of the life’s geography
Though Death looks
More awful than that of the Hate
Is being written with Red Ink
Trenches are crying
Someone is mistaken the course
Someone eats his breaths
After dipping it into life’s grave
But those who are addicted to explosive
Can’t curtail themselves
From writing loves latters of ammunition
Who will tell to the addicted culprits?
That, there is no Photostat to life
On the waves of Ocean
Let’s write letter to sleep
Your treasurable time
That my precious life has eaten
Do you remember those trees?
That used tie our laughs
With their wrists instead of their leaves
Now rain doesn’t fascinate
Do the twilights turned absolute dark?
Why you watch my hands?
Eyes cannot change fortune lines
Tell me if you can buy third finger of my left hand
Don’t say
I know this very well
In the subject of fortune
You always get Zero,
And, the subject of Love;
I never passed
Let’s talk something else
Can this earth
Sign a Marriage contract with us?
Why this sky like roofs of iron sheets
Screams on us
Why our hummocks are not homes?
These walls: being renovated with our blood;
Are mounted for slogans?
Illegitimate children
Of this habitat
Mark celebrations with ammunition
Look! Our death
Celebrates birthday
The white color of our widowed-self
Settled in grave after getting divorce
Look! Don’t measure our shalwars (trousers)
Yours sixteen’s hours sleep
Putting burden on our shoulders
Tell! In which city
The strike of funerals is observed?
When five bodies
Are laying in your homes
Then illiterate mothers
Start taking full numbers
In mathematics
Zero comes before the One
But that carries no value for you
White coffins on colored beds
Crush their beauty
Eyes In snowy weather
Are frozen in our bodies
Bring some fire to run tears in eyes
To win;
When you all
Bark at each other
Frozen bodies beg
O Dogs!
Go somewhere else
And lick stones
Translated by: Muhammad Azram

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