Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



When you held my hand in yours ,
First touch was a fumbling search ,
Of intimacy unknown to the cores,
Intimately our hearts joined in a bunch.

Your touch ignited a light,
My darkest days became bright,
Love in places I never knew ,
Boundless joys forever true.

Touch of hope in foul weather ,
Firmly held me together ,
Caressing each hurt whenever,
In despair I fell as broken feather.

Your touch kept me stable ,
Undying loyalty kept a balance,
With pouring kindly drizzles,
Engraved in my heart indelible.

Touch of faith kept me going ,
Pearls of strength enshrining ,
A love of eternal Spring rising,
A bond of grace everlasting.



While viewing our life in streams of gold,
Of wondrous adventures stemming bold,
Tingled excitement of climbing trees old,
Or hitting iron poles running on backroads.
Father smoking classic cigars in pensive moods,
Looking casually minding our interests outdoors.

There would be ashes on his table workbench,
We remember his surprised and startled bends,
As he often burnt his fingers by cigarette butt ends,
Always preoccupied carrying logs he fetched,
The saw dust heaps had a density to lend,
Spreading on muddy potholes to amend.

A tree house he made for us to play safe,
At our random calls he sternly gazed,
My mother carrying a tray of coffee cookies waved,
On hot days jugs of lemonade to rave,
Insulting the blue sky adults smoking till gray,
We came down laughing with excuses lame.

After dusk descended all washed bright as new,
Father in contended nature with respect due,
In a patio chair leaning forward for birds view,
Mother lifts with a jerk for no problems brew,
Putting all children to bed before we renew,
Our giggling surging in waves of true blue.


Come In My Dreams

There is much that we missed,
Come in my dreams to complete,
Walking to our destination address,
Strangers with no obligation meet.

Walk in my shoes only for a day,
And love me like I love you everday,
We have to crumble like the clay ,
Let us believe in a paradise anyway.

Wear the cloak of magic in the night,
Dance like silvery stars very bright,
Our hearts glow in pure moonlight,
Stardust fall from eyelashes quiet.

Warmth of moments we spent apart,
Let timeless flowers blooming start ,
In wilderness of ethereal ecstatic art ,
We will share the aching of our hearts.



I know I am full of imperfections,
Accept me with all my abbreviations,
Love me with all my aging glorification, 
Dismantled and disgruntled justifications .

A few lines on my forehead selections,
Grey hairs in pockets like demonetization,
A body spreading in every direction,
Wrinkles increasing in multiplication.

Aches and pains sprouting with medication,
Humbling me in tumbling personification,
Love me but do not ignore my renovation,
Walks and writings are full of punctuation.

Let us be strong in removing reservations,
Like arrogant prejudices and discrimination , Life is enriched by thoughtful acceptance,
Labelling anyone is futile eradication.

Earth is beautiful due to natural evolution,
All problems have an amicable solution,
Beauty of Nature is flaws of innocence,
Pollution is result of hasty demarcation.

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