Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


Suffering World!

Nothing can stabilised peace,
No curtains covered,
The Sin behind bars,
Now everything open & shut,
Whole world unrest with terrorism,
Still prevailing,
No one had has,
Enough capacity to stop,
That was world order,
But now a day,
World realised,
The test of this juce,
So ugly so perverted,
Nuclear weapons arms to threet,
Not for to use own self head,
World prepared for this,
No never stabilised peace,
Under the roof of terrorism,
Nothing can help,
Until unless terrorism prevail,
Has to stop it has to subsided,
Now the world order changed,
Determined to thrown out,
A sin from its root,
Or may be with roots,
Of course it’s dangerous,
Still we decided to face,
It’s a new world order,
Knows layman too,
Therefore we want peace,
In real sense of terms,
Yes in real sense of terms,
In thoughts & actions,
So safe our next generations,
It’s a duty of everyone’s,
Though I know,
Few has comes,
In real sense of terms,
To receive bullets on chest,
We on to front on,
Ready to face consequences,
After all die for Nation,
The ultimate pride of birth,
Its better than to be a Sage or Sant,
To live lust for heaven!


The Eyes of Heaven :

Satanic glooms,
All over on blooms,
Crying mother earth,
Heavyweight glooms,
Perished thoughts & Desires,
Unknown unwanted smoked,
Sudden baby crying,
Landing on mother earth,
Spreading happiness,
Lifes runs on it’s spheres,
Me stuck on heavenly crematory,
To see all unexpected development,
Droplets covered,
All area of crematory,
Perhaps my eyes went closed,
Feeling peace cleared thoughts,
Feeling Complete hollowness,
She is coming as usual,
As nothing happened,
Me gathered around countless souls,
We all followed her,
To top of the mountains,
Souls jumped in river to further journey a path different,
Yet to know for me,
She hold my hand to heaven,
Now she collecting ,
Many types of sapphire,
Ignite in full flame,
She said to me ,
Go inside the fire bath in this fire,
Me slowly enter on this heavenly fire,
Me burning slowly,
Getting cool & calm,
Now I’m realising,
She made me repeatedly pious,
I was the man on land,
Really disqualified to stay as heaven,
Without her love and affection,
Why my souls filled with sorrow,
Many times in heaven,
While I’m bodiless,
Now fire going to end,
Now we sit in front of,
Third eyes of heaven,
Suddenly I pronouncing,
The hymns of universe,
That is……
( Sanskrit…
Chhinnmasta Tantra khand…..
Nabhow sudhh saroj rakt bilsad,
Bandhuk pushpan runan,
Bhaswad bhaskar mandalan,
Tadudare tad yoni chakran mehtamam,
Tan madhhye biprit maythun rat,
Pradhhumn Satkamini,
Pristhya asthyan tarunark koti bilsad,
Tejasya swarupam Shivam !
“Om Aa Surekhe Vajra Rekhe Hung Fat Swaha.”
“O, Mother Universe,
Navel nectar create souls,
And rest in your created world,
Born life in universe,
O, Deity of strength,
Mother of finite or infinite,
Bless me with strength,
Free my soul give me your nectar,
Let me rest on your navel infinite,”)
Slowly closed my eyes,
Getting lost my senses,
Still I’m feeling,
Her hand on my shoulder,
Standing behind,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

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