Poems by Swapna Behera

Poems by Swapna Behera
Purity Thou Art So Expensive!!!
Purity …….
Once upon a time
You were a perfume
In every courtyard
In every canopy
In every codified apathy
Around the fire
And deep in the ocean
Or in the jubilant hearts
In nature
With all it’s lustre
Purity you were
a perennial stream
Now you are so expensive
as a drop of blood
As rare as a dream
in the local train
A rare document of
illegitimate constitution
Grimy water ,smoky air
and hazy tear
The treaties signed
on the coffin of martyrs
After all purity you are so expensive
Certainly you are
beyond my budget —-!!!
thank you Swapna
The snail swings
In the perennial flow
Of luminous humanity
Parentheses of life ; carries the snail
The shell of mundane allegory
Scribbling footsteps on the sand
Smilies of the Sun on the dewdrops
Avowed rhythm of waves
Azure sky ,canopy air and elements
Deep in the sea toxic anger and hunger
The oily blister and crator disfigure
The lava kills syntax of nature
Love , bliss and harmony
tune the soul and boon the symphony
Destination a sapient process
The shell will return with the Anthem
under a red flag for pollution
decorate a child’s table with a message
lubricate a meddling smile
” I swim ,I can swim
Lo !I am a sanguine snail “
Copy right @Swapna Behera

One thought on “Poems by Swapna Behera

  1. ‘Grimy water ,smoky air’, ‘purity…so expensive’ …so much of reality in your poem dear poet Swapna

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