TICKLE …RING – This lady speaks up … / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 




This lady speaks up …

Love has its own dictionary of words, and has its own definitions
Bravo ! Moreover, it’s vade mecum, copyrighted or serialized editions
True, when in love one can be nutty , eccentric, whacky , silly , wud
O, name it! Watch out! It can give you terrible throes and hard shoot

L is L, E is E ! She believes one must retain that exclusive self-identity
That colour White is her day and night favourite
That at times the need to awakening , the shaking to weigh all
She considers if one is playing games with her emotions, O inexpressible

The need to clear headed , by all means straighten up! Retain the equilibrium
The courage to open the window of her heart and the door of her mind
She settles to four, five or more but sure steps forward
Furthermore, makes peace with the past and from five o’clock a.m. marches onwards

Without further ado, she lets the coward ghoster stays alone and radio silence in the dark
Definitely they are not on the same wavelength
True! Come hell or high water, she feels comfortable in her own skin
But if needed to start anew, well
Mumbo-Jumbo, behold!

Though the stumble, tumble and mumble, why not try getting along
Be more romantic, perky and sapid indeed
Burst forth, grow up and mature to a modern echelon
As a dog with two tails , please by all means allow ourselves to be silly

Thee, drink the black coffee, eat the Paella especially prepared
And, into the Dead Sea float thy granite-like pride
Never allow massive doses of salt poison thy heart
Stay funny and childish! Raise and wave the huge bright white flag

She drinks her hot tea and is patiently waiting
It’s the best thing since sliced bread, RING..

Elizabeth Ongpauco 
All Rights Reserved 
© UK 16.02.19

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