LET THE VICTIM OR HER FAMILY DECIDE / A collaborative poem composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan


A collaborative poem composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan



How to punish a rapist?
What punishment will be just and fit?
We all argue and our opinions split,
To victim’s discretion, why not leave it?

Don’t codify it in laws,
Our laws have full of flaws,
Not for legislators to make a dictum,
It should be left to the victims.

What punishment is justified?
Let the victim or her family decide,
For this agony only they can feel,
With the offender let them deal.

Should he be castrated?
Or his limbs be cut,
Should his fingers be chopped off?
Or in a crocodile pond he be dropped.

Ask the victim what is her wish,
For he feasted on her body like a dish,
She suffered like a hooked fish,
Condemned to a lifelong anguish.

Should he be chained in a dark cell?
For her to hear the sound of his yell,
When rats make meal of his “prized tool”,
Let the victim only make this rule.

Should he be trampled by elephant’s feet?
Or expose him to public stoning in a street,
Should be butchered like a goat meat?
What punishment is just appropriate?

Make him to beg for his own death,
Let him cry for mercy to end his breath,
Any one or combination of punishments,
Let the victim or family sit in judgement.



Kill me everyday
Take me away
If it makes you happy
Still me in your way

Why was I born?
I have no more to say
In your hunger for life
Satiate me your way
You victims of violence no more no more
You will have me no more this way
For when I burn in my death
You turn away
In me as I die a little everyday
To be kept in your mortuary
Who is to blame you say
Is it you or is it me
That made my death
In you to stray
‘’burn kill her rape her
This is what she was made for
Let her die every day ‘’
In a fear greater than life
Take me away
Thank god in our country
Where a girl child is aborted every day
Little does she know why she was born
To see this day
In your stupid traditions tied this way
Death in you I don’t want to live
Life take me away
Where even I don’t live
Bind me your way
For now I have nothing to prove
In you no reason to stay
Threatened as I live
Trapped in your wings
Death fly me away
In your wings far far away
To never again see the light of the day
As I wake up to shrieks of another woman’s cries
If this is to be my life
Then why did you give me birth
Kill me
To never awaken
Burn me this way !

Copyright- Nutan Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan

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