Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty


It’s that Pain

More, more and more intense,
Even more dense,
Then love itself, it’s so immense,
Feels like each inch of bone gets break,
The horrendous pain, which feels like life taken,
The nerve-wracking spike, again and again,
Till you broken down completely,
Leaving everything in the hand of heaven,
That’s the unbearable shrill of pain unexplained,
The tormenting excruciating domain,
Introverted throbbing yes! That’s the intolerable “labor pain”

It’s like a nonstop agonizing wave
Comes back with strident, an alarming threat,
Unendurable, indescribable and unimaginable that,
As if to take your breath,
Gives a hard jerk, and goes back,
You just start breathing, when,
It comes back with piercing sting again,
As if to take your life then,
The worst baying pain,
For the ‘most precious’ to gain

An unknown spirited, hearty and bursting sentiment,
A strong resilient emphatic attachment,
Gives the feisty forte strength,
To stand the journey of uneasy length,
Counting every second every moment,
But feels like the hard time becomes stagnant,
Makes you feel like living in the darkest island
Waiting for your own creation, showing you the lamp,

The terrible pain,
Comes to an end,
When an angel lands
As if from a dream land,
Takes you out from a dungeon,
Transitioning from dark lane to stars million,
Stepping into your arms,
Giving you a new birth,
With a delicate hug’s girth,
Instantly everything gets smoother,
The angel keeps your name as ‘mother’.



Going for a peaceful long journey perhaps,
Please don’t make noise,
Quietly you may say a ‘bon voyage’
Please don’t gift me anything,
I can’t keep a thread even,
Even if I feel cold above the cloud,
Languages are not allowed

This is a permanent departure,
I’m not sure,
Rather I would say returning back home,
From where I have came,
There would be no co-passengers,
Probably I would be traveling alone over there,
Without knowing the destination where,
Long back left home,
Travelled alone,
Now can’t even remember, where was my home,
From where I came from

Are you asking whether I would survive,
May be, no idea, people say soul never dies,
Ya sure something out of me would derived
Out of the physical body, an ever lasting soul would always be alive.

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