A December night…. / Poem by Hana Shishiny

A December night….

The table of love is set
Laughers..music and sparkling wine
Trees scintillating with loving shine
Family,neighbors and children
A holy gathering ,I expect…

I only hear my heart’s beats
My blood ,beckoning, like waves on shore..
Eyes on the door,With hidden look so shy..
no sparkling stars,before your coming eyes..

Loneliness, i felt in this warming crowd
A storming need,to hear your voice.
Your fragrance, I wish to fill me all
Funny is this life ,when soul ,to love ,is bound..
all flow toward your love..no other choice..

And then you came..a Grecian God
A magical heaven opens the arms..
With your Azurean eyes, so odd
A twittering angel’s song ,fills the air
And a blazing heat of love,adding a charm…

I happily took the sail..
Your ocean promising,cosmic sights
Blowing desires..with golden veils
Flickering stars..in a stormy night….


By Hana Shishiny
December 2019
(C) all rights reserved

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