Krishna Prasai (Nepal)

Krishna Prasai (Nepal)

President, Jara Foundation

Poet, Travel Writer, Storywriter


A postgraduate in Nepali Literature and Sociology


Krishna Prasai made his debut in writing in 1975 with the publication of his poems in Jhapa-based periodical Suryodaya. Originally from Dhaijan, Jhapa and presently a resident of Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

Mr. Prasai edited Nepali Samasamayik Kavitahroo, an anthology of contemporary Nepali poetry when he was just 24 years old and exhibited a rare literary

talent he possessed. Till date, the works Mr. Prasai has published include Gham Nabhayeko Bela (poems), Ghamko Barsha (Zen poems in Nepali, English,and Korean, later translated into Sinhalese, Hindi, Burmese and Bengali), Prakshepan (stories), Anubhootika Chhalharoo (travel essays) and many other works published separately in periodicals. Mr. Prasai has also edited Chhariyeka Kehi Prishtha (essays) and three other works, besides translating one book. Mr. Prasai is basically known for his Zen poetry and poetry rooted in local Nepali epistemology. Till this date, he has been awarded with Yogi Naraharinath Award, Dharanidhar Koirala Award, UNFPA Essay Prize etc. He is the Chairman of Jara Foundation, and Treasurer of Devkota Lu-Xun Academy, a literary organization. He is also associated with Rotary International. Also, a stakeholder with several other literary organizations, Mr. Prasai has got his works translated into several languages like English, Korean, Sinhala, Hindi, Assamese, Maithili, German, Burmese, Bengali, Marathi, Guajarati, Arabic, Tamil, Romanian, Philippine, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Uzbekistan, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

He has visited coordinated literary and cultural events on behalf of Nepali delegations to countries like India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Burma, Thailand, Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Sri Lanka, UAE on literary and personal missions. He has also hosted several groups of writers visiting Nepal from Korea, Japan, India, Burma, Srilanka, UAE, Bangladesh and China. His contributions towards the expansion of Nepali literature into the international arena have always been commendable.


[Translated in air, at a height of 37,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean on July 23, 2010 during a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, South Korea]
It could be a coincidence—
On the very first meeting with you
You had admonished me to become spring.
Though I cherish bay-berries and the cuckoo,
The synonyms of spring –
And though the crimson hills with the hues of rhododendrons
Touch my heart and enrapture me
I love the season of rain,
And this could be a frailty on my part.
That alone was the difference twixt you and me –
As the ripening of the bay-berries
Differs from the blooming of youth
And the cuckoos’ chant, from the spring blossoms.
In a procession of memoirs like this,
Setting aside the monsoons I cherish
And leaving the nights of the clouds I love
One day, I reconciled with you – a synonym of spring –
To assimilate in, and to become one with you.
That moment,
I was drawn
More by the victory of your seductive appeals
Than by the defeats of my love.
How valorous spring is
In loving people,
And what strength it possesses
In carrying people’s love-laden heart away!
One day, it silently whispered to me:
“Turn yourself into a garden once;
The spring of life shall blossom every season
in your own eyes
And flowers shall blossom all the time
On the boughs of your lips.”

One thought on “Krishna Prasai (Nepal)

  1. Congratulations Zen Poet Krishna Prasai.
    Your poems deserves to belong in the pages of at un is of Mr. Agron Shele.
    Thank you so much Agron.

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