Platonic Love / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
Platonic Love
Love is not something that can be forsaken
It’s sacred and clinically driven
For two souls to enjoy the blissful grace
Of the Almighty in a serene ambience
Like morning hymn love is subtle
It can endure Himalayan pressure but can’tnot brittle
It’s like the language of an infant very soothing
Lovelorn souls resist pitfalls in love making
Its foundation is strong to counter adulterous pilferage
There is no question of any types of sacrilege
It’s adorned by selflessness crown
Love birds save each other from falling down
Though Platonic Love seems misnomer to some
The very idea cherishes lofty sense to overcome
Bitterness among two loveable souls ready to plung
Into ocean of long lasting love to which both belong
Dr. Alok Kumar Ray©®
India.22nd November 2019

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