Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn


Dear Destiny

They melted today
Just from the surface though
The snows of harsh reality
Allowing peeps of lush green

Velvety mossy inviting green
Fooling me with their flashes
Furtive unveiling
of pristine white chiffon

Patches of hope riding
On stallions of verdant emerald
Spare me these treacherous moves
Dear Destiny.


Thhumri from a Sob

I shall walk the last lap
in the sands of time
And catch you by surprise
You will stop mid stride
Mouth agape ,eyes jittery

For I shall climb over
walls of hatred
Jump through the quagmire
Of caste and creed
Traverse the fire
Of ignominy and gossip
To be by your side

Bullets will rage on
Grazing my shins
Piercing my armpits
Stones will crush my skull
But nothing will touch my spirit

It will hover over the universe
Droning it’s own song
Scattering rose petals of love
Spraying the ittar of divinity
It shall croon Raag Desh
Or even play it on a bamboo flute

Love is stronger than hate
More potent than class
It can mould rocks into gods
And shape a thhumri from a sob

Copyright Lily Swarn 27.12.2019

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