Poems by Rahim KARIM, Kyrgyzstan

Poems by Rahim KARIM, Kyrgyzstan
Hello, New Year!
Welcome to grant!
Hello, new rumors,
new rumor.
New discussions, new villains ?!
New convictions, new betrayals ?!
New excitement, new alarm ?!
New intrigues, new madness ?!
New insults, new insults ?!
New tears, new smiles.
New humiliation, new patience ?!
New defeats, new victories ?!
New killings, new wars ?!
How many times have you never come to us again
we cannot learn to live in a new world.
In the world, life, alas, will remain as before !!!
Whatever the light of God
Please, you just come !!!
Bring joy, happiness,
To the people of the whole earth!
I have to meet the year for the sixtieth time,
What is popularly called jubilee …
In my arms sixty will be red roses?
Will sixty candles wait for me brightly?
My mother celebrated my birthday
Father, relatives, at least sixty people …
But my anniversary if at least six will please?
Am I entitled to publicly mark a round date?
I have neither one nor the other left
I’ve dropped six hundred drops from my eyes …
I will offer my hair sixty gray hairs …
And I’ll read that prayer that day sixty times!
I will celebrate the New Year solemnly, as before,
Like a guy, like a youth met him once.
I won’t look at the fact that I’m in different clothes, –
Not my young age, it’s time to go somewhere.
I’ll act like dad, just like mom
I’ll sing with the kids and dance as they should!
I’ll stand under the tree, and I’ll wait for “twelve,”
After all, every bright hour in this world is a holiday!
And I ask God every day in prayer
Remained to the children after my life.
To shine, to continue the winter, oh, rhinestones,
So that the New Year is greeted by grandchildren with a surprise!
And so that God would give us more and more New Years,
Breathed for many years in health and happiness!
People walked around and fir trees, so pine trees,
It has passed so that the side of people is always unhappiness!

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