Poems by Nutan Sarawagi

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi


A fugitive

In her she fed
her baby her breast
tired she lay hungry to rest
for she was a fugitive on the run
debarred from life , in a life that had just begun
her baby taken away from her one
her body lay spent in a hunger undone
for she was a prisoner who had no rights
a life that was blamed as none …
a life that was waiting to be sung …
blame me I am just no one
your fugitive on the run …
your one.


The poet in whom we write our life !

(To Agron Shele )

He’s someone who knows what we feel
a little bit of encouragement to fulfil all our needs
He puts it all together in a joyous dream
His radiant energy in us to beam
Sometimes to push
Something to take us to our dreams

A combination so special and rare
Our talent with him to share
To make us feel simply wonderful
inspire and dare

To help us believe
simply follow our dreams
To help us conquer
however high the peak
For each one is unique

Helping us
is his universal purpose in life
By the look in his eyes
He can sense our drive
So happy to know
in his love we thrive
In our verses
as he encourages
us to write
all the people
to convince us
to pursue something
we genuinely like
to read everything we write
to reach for the stars as we become his star ⭐️
As he believes us we believe in him to light
to tell us you can do anything
If you set your mind right
To follow our dreams
In us dream like a child
He has a beautiful heart
like the sun it does shine
As we try new things
to tell us
remember that it’s alright
to make us his delicious treat
As we become his children
our confidence in him to receive
forever believe
as we end up pursuing our true passion
for life
in him as he becomes our very own life !

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