Eden-Angelic cuckoo voice / Poem by Hasmukh Mehta

Eden S. Trinidad


Eden-Angelic cuckoo voice
If you find in the morning
the lovely and melodious singing
it will be ringing always in ears
for a long years
I must pay a respect
for her generous act
in reciting poems with impressive and sweet voice
one may be left with no choice
what is so special about her?
versatile female with good nature
sweetness in words and purity in approach
she is finest poetess as such
I am ardent lover of her presentation
the deep touch of pain in recitation
with equal flow of words in continuation
and above all , deep regard for the human relation
she will go down with good acclaim
and claim the position
with the “wow” appreciation
and that is self earned exclamation
no amount of words may serve
the position that has been observed
I have listened to her several times
and come out with great lines
Hasmukh Mehta
Sunday,12th January 2020

3 thoughts on “Eden-Angelic cuckoo voice / Poem by Hasmukh Mehta

  1. I am deeply honored for your lovely composition poet Hasmukh Mehta Amathalal.
    From the innermost core of my heart and soul I thank you. God bless.

  2. Thank you poet Hasmukh Mehta whose pens never sleeps.
    Whose heart dictates his pens to write beautiful melodies such as this poem. I’m so grateful my dear Hasmukh. God you.🌷❤🙏

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