The Sky Is Grey! / Poem By Aneeta Chitale

Poem By Aneeta Chitale
The Sky Is Grey!
Life is a journey!
But all journeys are not the same-
Lovely days are not for ever! A different day, with sparkling blue waters-
Under the seamless sky- beckons me to sail over great tides-
Like a sailor has many ventures, I too dared to ride –
The speedboats gallopsed as if with hundred horses
Geared in nautical miles
Nothing matters more than the serene waters and
The school of dolphins chasing my speed boat, the gales rising and
Lonesome soul finds it’s blithe in the middle of the ocean!
Surprising me the dolphins, danced and jumped in turquoise green waters paradisiacal!
Magical are the ways of nature – I was light as a cloud to float, over the moutains and oceans – I felt love and peace, closer to myself (which I never knew before)
Deep in the ocean happily were trailing
The parrot fish, sea fans, sea horse, shoal of tunas
Sharks and snakes, brain corals n sea turtles
The realm is a paradise
Under the ocean as I scuba-dived
Immersed in the vastness of the magnificent hues
Changing by the second, as it purged my soul
The hunterwhales played their games
‘The big catch the small’ a meal for the day,
The law of nature- so true goes on!
As I divided deeper, there was a shriek
A chaos, thousands of corals dead, colonies bereft
The missiles hitting , blasting horrific chemicals
Bled the blue water to red
Now it still swathes in red!
Now empty, and defaced the sights stand
The fisherman had caught fish in their nets, plenty
Sea turles suffocating, some breathing to their last breath
On the shore!
Fishermen were ignorant, but for their trade
I emerged on the sea shore
Aghast! To see
Cruel acts of human beings
The sky had turned grey forever!
But I waited for the sun to rise again!
© Aneeta Chitale
©Reserved –(India)


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