Poems by Kofi Acquah

Poem by Kofi Acquah


 A K U 

I am written of blood into red scars
Dripping outer black skies and denying my stars
I saw the circle of flesh with eyes
Tall, short, dark & fair in a sty
They sent a stye by the kite
They wrote the kite to sell my sight
Look at a day
The shadow is touched to sty
Leave my ankle— I shall crawl to stand
I have stapled a green seed to the earth’s wall
It is not growing till I free my all
Step by step
I am a gal on carrying a gallon
I am appearing by the air all
O’ see! ‘Aku’ friends gather in blue weather
Tilling the shores faster
The holes too, dig them harder
I am coming with water to drink the soil
..without telling mother


In Her Night
I have drafted her heart plan in my left palm
Speech of the broken hearted,
I have debated between my arms
Desperate lips are not sweeter
.. than the body He hips
Trade your lies in a smaller world
And surrender your tongues to wiser words
I have cut her heart with my heart in her darkness
O’ go, slow and go
…she dizzied her soft self under my hut
Too bold a brain of gold the old holds
Too short a thought of gods the boy owns
Retilling and tilling the soil of sores a body holds
And rebuilding the building of the lost souls
I will shine your act into stardom
..with my lit lantern under this moon;

©Kofi Acquah, 2020

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