I Want The Sun / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
I Want The Sun
I want the sun to stream in
beyond the ray that traipses in
from the open window
I want it to light up my insides
like a thousand beacon lights
The lighthouse that gets the ships safely to shore
The lantern that the night watchman carries diligently
The candle in the wind that flickers bravely
The lamp in the hovel where penury resides
The street light under which the genius burnt the midnight oil
I want them all to illumine my dreary dank soul
That may snuff out before it is morn
Irradiate me O sun
With the benign smile of your sunshine
Bathe me O Lord in the moonlight of your love
Keep me O darkness away from your scorn
Kindle me O lamp with the wick of your flame
Keep me O Lord from the stain of that sin
Guide me O light with the glow of your mercy
Envelope me O fireflies with the glimmer of your flight
I want the sun to stream in ……
Copyright Lily Swarn 17.1.2017

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