Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma


Happy Republic Day

Happy Himachal Day

We must work together towards
Achieving joy
World citizens
With warmth in your
In your home ,
In your heart
Peace in your soul

Socks that remind me of my home town
Beautiful pattern and design
My daughter when studying in
Aviation engineering in Moscow
Energy institute
she was told by Russian students
that this pattern of socks
Is from Ukraine Russia
Life is so similar
All over the world
We think alike
We knit alike
We face cold weather
We feel pain alike
We feel happy as anywhere
In the world !!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved
25 th January 2020



“Every heart sings a song incompletely, until another heart whispers back .
Those who wish to sing always finds a song at the touch of lover
Everyone becomes a poet”plato

Oh my wisdom man( libra ) philosopher Guide
My songs of you are my own expression
From the abysmal depths of
Deep silence
Which is deaf and dumb at the same time
My poems of you are brisk sweet
Crisp and dancing with immeasurable depth
This I realised in musical background
Far off down south poetic meet
the traditional background
My poetry found you in
Each musical sound and instrumental playing
And waking me up from deep slumber
As if am getting married to each feliciatation of a poet
With musical welcome
My own marriage to poetry
Am reliving my marriage
Not once but many times to
Musical poetry
Such a deep ennobling feeling !!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 23 rd September 2018

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