Poems by Timothy Payton

Poems by Timothy Payton



Live your dreams, be passionate in your drive,
Be kind in life and keep hope alive,
Strive to provide advice, that will suffice,
Days into nights, you continue unknowingly…

Awake thankful and blessed,
Because that is what you are!!
Shine bright with yours, yes you are a star!!
Don’t take shorts or negativity from any,
Be the example for the reason your breathing!!

Live, love, touch, teach,
Reach, uplift, keep building, release,
Shine like the sun, with your positive Ray’s for fun!!

Because so many are lost in murky miserable waters,
Trying to take down so many others,
Yet…not you, me or us you see!!
Live your dreams!!
Love passionately!!



The devil will block, while The Good Lord reveals,
The devil depletes, while The Good Lord refills,
The devil deceives, while The Good Lord opens doors,
The devil takes away, while The Good Lord restores;

The devil will lie, while The Good Lord is the truth,
The devil implants, while The Good Lord pulls the root,
The devil will cloud, while The Good Lord opens your eyes,
The devil will keep you down, while The Good Lord will help you rise;

The devil makes you weak, while The Good Lord gives you strength,
The devil will confuse, while The Good Lord makes you think,
The devil breaks you down, while The Good Lord will help you rebuild,
The devil throws you off, while The Good Lord helps you to fulfill;

The devil makes you miserable and hateful, while The Good Lord puts love in your heart and feelings so great,
The devil makes you feel defeated, while The Good Lord fills your spirit and inflates,
The devil gives attitude, while The Good Lord raises your altitude,
The devil is a cancer, while The Good Lord is the cure with gratitude;

As we are living and breathing on this very earth, we are given choices with freewill,
As with decisions to be made, attached with consequence and deals,
So be conscious with focus, so that diligent works will be earned,
It can be a everyday struggle,
living in a give and take world.

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