Stigmatized By Love / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Stigmatized By Love
I see my electrifying soul through Marie Curie
In her devotion ,commitment , and tenacity
A woman who does not belong to one country
With her higher sense of sacrifice , and tough personality.
To Pierre she was married, and both devoted their life
To more than a hangar laboratory that caused their strenuous strife
She got a noble prize for the discovery of both Polinium , and radium
Her genius in chemistry transcended plain wisdom.
Terrorized by Pierre ‘s death, and accused of unlawful affair she did not give up her fight
Bias against her intellect pushed her to reach a newer height
She endured the gossip of others and went far
Beyond her stigmatized eyes ,and her woeful scar.
Now my eyes are electrocuted by the same light of her smart radioactivity
Stigmatized by love I saw into my own ingenuity
Marie curie had the qualities of Virgin Mary
Though treading on thorns she did not at all worry.
Devoting herself to the noble cause of humanity
Stained by her dear radium and persistent tenacity
Leaving behind her the indelible marks of a beyond compare lady
Electrified by love and her passion for natural radioactivity.
Love itself was the electric current piercing into the depth of your Iris
Bilnding your sight, but never your humble genius
Like Marie Curie I was electrocuted by smart radioactivity
As a scientific visionary that saw into the true essence of humanity.
Marie curie lost her sight but never her kind heart
For her incomparable traits were never broken apart
A lady that embraced love with her heart and mind
Her dear radium was worthier that the fact of becoming blind.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 30/04/20

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