ALTRUISM / Short story by Adnan Shafi



Short story by Adnan Shafi

In the world full of calamitous aspects, everything hurts. I opened my eyes, looked at the grey skies. I sat up shakily, gaping around me. It was all-around spooky, smoke hovering around me, the sound of some appalling things and the whines echoes garishly, and in those cries, an outcry “there is a sorrow that lingers in old parks ” shouted by an old man looking around wistfully. Ah!Ah!, I turned to the sound, I can’t recollect how I got here or who I am, but the outcry of an old man made me turn toward it. Automatically, I answered back, I am here, I paused.

In the meantime, the old man came off through the smoke and plummeted into my arms,

“Hey strange man!what is transpiring in the world? ” he implored, hurrying his fragile hand onto my countenance. I held him up in my arms and stood up unhurriedly. As I turned around, I saw a pretty girl lying behind me. Her arms and legs were bent in eerie curves and she had a swelling tummy. Blood was oozing out underneath her. I don’t know how and why however at that juncture, I realized like it was me, and I am dead.

I left the old man here and attempted to hold her up in my arms and said,

“let’s go “.An abrupt weird voice of an old man ‘there is a sorrow that lingers in old parks “quelled me, yanking me to save both of them, but I couldn’t, whether I could save the old man or a girl, and I took the opportunity of defending a girl as the old man had spent his whole life basking, possibly had performed or not, nonetheless the conclusion was protecting a pretty girl. So I strolled towards the bus station nearby. Somehow, this place felt familiar but unknown at the same time.

Ultimately, leaving all the bizarre things behind, I entered the bus, there was a heavy lull. She wanted to know the truth that I absolutely didn’t know myself, so what Could I tell the girl about the occurrence she had gone through. I looked at her gingerly as the bus stopped at one of the stations. I again looked at her dolefully, worrying all around her doom.

Also, this was an uncanny facet. Neither did I know her, nor did she, yet a sort of bond that was tempting both of us, so far she had gained a little conscious. I ruffled his soft ebony hair, giving him a kiss on her forehead, convincing her to condone the pain as well. As the bus reached the station from where the hospital was very near, So I got off with her, aiming to stride fast to reach her the hospital as soon as possible.

After a few days, she was excellent, telling me everything about her, as recollections gradually came back to her,” My name is Sizuu, I am 23 years old, I had been in love with a guy for 6 years, Just after 6 years, I found out that he has an affair with another girl when I heard this, I attempted to suicide far away from my home, Since three days,

I had been battling with my life, abruptly God sent you to save me.

Heeding this story from her, I felt a small relieve and thanked God for allowing me to save her.

The impression is so bizarre, a person like me Who could not care for himself, how could he save a human being?

She smiled her sweet smile at me, Really, a pretty girl, I nodded smiling gently at her,

“I love you very much, “I said to her, bringing her into my arms again, telling her, let you leave the world behind.

“I love you too hey strange guy “she returned hugging me back. we looked out the stained glass window at the blue skies. A soothing gust of romance passed to gratify our hearts.


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