Poems by Rahim Karim

Poems by Rahim Karim



Our World is a car,
moved at the speed of light
towards the bottomless abyss
as happens in thrillers and blockbusters.

We didn’t know where we were rushing
Not knowing what danger awaited us ahead.
But us from this global accident,
God Himself saved by pressing the brake in time.

And our car stuck on the edge of the abyss
Thanks to our merciful Creator.
Now we have to back up,
And roll our car in the opposite direction.

And go to the place where we went astray
And start the ride anew, and not at great speed.
It’s stupid to drive along a road at high speed that you don’t know
After all, the road is never smooth and safe …



Quince blossomed again, as if nothing had happened,
Flowers are white, like a doctor’s robe.
The hospital whiteness is a little alarming for me,
Similar to quartz rays of clinics.

We met a quiet, silent Spring.
We met a sad, sad Spring.
With the head of the bride bowed,
Which got sick groom on their wedding day.

Quince is waiting for her groom in a white veil,
I believe that he will certainly get to his feet.
The wedding of the bride and groom will take place,
They will certainly be blessed by God himself.

While the spring orchestra is silent
While the priest is waiting in the wings.
While guests huddle in their homes,
But the wedding will certainly take place !!!

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