Poems by Cynthia Gentile 

Poems by Cynthia Gentile 


The Beginning

From the beginning, you were always mine
We’ve been slammed with this place in time
You are sad and sullen
Please remember us standing not fallen

Sweetness we are still here together
Castle walls are open to you forever
Come lay down your hammer
I await your arrival in my chamber

Just like dirt
There’s no hurt
Yes, I am a Queen
Yet I’m also human

I’m all about love and sensitivity
No pain nor negativity
Step away from the shadows
Come into love’s meadows

You’re an incoming wave filling my thoughts
Come here! Taste every and all drops
We are the dream forevermore
You’re my anticipated fantasy like none before

I’m still with you
Your mind can’t even suspect
Covid 19 has casted neglect
I’m here loving … still loving you


Fantastic Garden

Your breath intoxicating
My heart drunk in you
Love swirls deep satisfaction
Perfume chains you and me, us, we
Our making love is sensational
Luxurious this amazing arousal
Sensitivity speaks, ecstasy flows

Your embrace ignited
Sizzling tingles throbbing
Our bodies become a butterfly cascade
Spinal sensations release endorphins
Inches away our lips collide
Quickly our bodies collapse
Loud echoes of pleasures sound
This is creates our fantastic garden.


Goddess Passion

I opened my door of sweetness and he lost his mind
He began speaking in foreign tongues of old time
With each passing syllable he kissed me
Then we made love and I cried

He smelled like vanilla
This gentleman was my fella
Licking me here there and everywhere
I stay calm completely with a stare

Long deep and raw
Digging deeper than ever before
Let me hear you say everything’s alright
Let me kiss you in the morning light

Love feels good
I’m so glad you are mine
Come here! Bring it
Make love last forever

You already know
Chrystal dew drops of snow
I’m seated upon my throne
We are sexy and grown.

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