Poems by Kofi Acquah

Poems by Kofi Acquah


 M O V E 

At a corner to corn non, he gradually gravitated a law and suspended his eyes from his soul into the skies and cruised like the eagle.

He optimized his new viewing ecstasy across the blue glittering universe behind the horizon of the sea into a good tomorrow.

There is a future to hold. Keep going. If regular is failing, just pickup the Bold and push for the Gold.



. . . the deep voice of Mr. Boot and the piercing voice of her wife are daily echoed in the forest of wild beasts and of speaking owls and frightening whispers of dwarves.

If not on poor parental controversy, then Mr. Boot’s lost job; after allegedly exercising his genitalia coercion in his emotional tapasya on his boss’ fiancée. Hence, caught and fired. . .

– Nothing happens without a cause
– For a crushed mosquito
in the darkness at night,
– is surely seen dead
in the light of a morning. . .


Cold Night Fire 
Set the cold night fire—
And let the found rest
Warm their hearts
And speak hope to their sweats—

©Kofi Acquah, 2020

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